Genuine Support - Property Management

Property Management

Property: land, asset, home
Management: organisation, supervision, administration

Practical Support - Property Issues

We have a large amount of experience in property management within the industry. Whilst there are very few transactions taking place at the moment you can still do something. Prices are low and if you are thinking of buying then we can help you. This can be as simple as preparing a business plan for the bank or more detailed support if required. At the same time leases are being traded, albeit at low or non premiums. If you need to move on then contacting us will cost you little and may just help you at a difficult time.

What can we do for you?

Genuine Support - Property Management - Keys Business plans: The basis of any business decision regarding property is a business plan; retain, let, sell or acquire all need to be evaluated before anything you do anything else let us help you do one of these.

Preparation for letting: Should you wish to let your property we can help you market it, recruit a tenant and manage the transfer.

Finding new properties: Whilst finding a property is currently easy, getting the right one at a sensible price is not. Our substantial experience in this field means that we can help you.

Introduction to finance: Trying to raise money currently is not easy. It’s not impossible and we can offer you both advice and contacts within the finance sector.

Exiting in distress: It's not easy when things have gone wrong but we can be there to help you exit with dignity. We can help you dealing with your landlord or managing the transfer or closure of your property.