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Genuine: real, unadulterated and honest
Support: encourage, assist and help

Who Are We?

Genuine Support is a partnership headed up by Alistair & Tracy. It's a small enough business for you to feel like you are being treated as an individual but with access to an huge amount of support and resources. You might be surprised to know that both of them have run a pub and therefore start from the basis of knowing just how hard it is. Whilst Alistair is the operator and marketing man he can also cook and has often been seen working behind the line in a number of kitchens on hot and busy nights. Tracy on the other hand is the money girl, but do not let that fool you. She knows how to look after customers and knows just how difficult some of them can be.

Together they have worked on a broad range of businesses from the very large to often the quite small. Alistair joined the industry at Whitbread's. Having passed his MBA he then moved on and spent time working in the City on leisure related businesses. It was there he started working with Tracy on a number of pub companies. Tracy, a qualified accountant, had come from Budgens supermarkets where she had previously held a number of senior finance roles. Seeing an opportunity they formed Genuine Support, a business designed to help clients in the licensed and leisure industries. Both of them have growing families and when they are not busy working Tracy can be found gardening and Alistair will be out in the rain volunteering at his son's local rugby club.