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Operational Services

Operations: procedures, functions, set up
Services: help, assistance, benefit

Practical Support - Sales & Marketing

Many companies don't advertise. Cost, time and effectiveness are often given as reasons for not doing something. We can help you put together a small cost effective plan for you. It really will make a difference. For example if you have not got a web site then let us write one for you. You will be surprised how many people will check out what you are doing. Putting a simple voucher on it will drive turnover, it’s that simple. Like wise why not let us help produce a media plan? Keeping your exisiting customers up to date with what you are doing is essential.

What can we do for you?

Genuine Support - Operational Services - Pub Bar Web site creation: Most businesses do not have a site. Those that do not keep it updated. A growing number of people use their computer to see what is on offer.

E–based promotional plans: Downloading vouchers has become a common part of customer behaviour. Linked to your web site this will increase traffic and customer numbers.

Local media plans: Good relations with your local papers and a media plan to tell them of forthcoming events is a source of free publicity.

In-house newsletters: Your exisiting customers want to know more about you. Keep them informed by leaving a simple newsletter on their table.

Menu development: We do not profess to be better chefs than you but we can analysis your sales and make suggestions. The occasional challenge never did any harm.